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Two Dimensional Design and Color

Positive/Negative Space
Focal Point
Self-portrait painting
Color Contrasts


Visual weight refers to the apparent "heaviness" or "lightness" of the forms arranged in a composition, as gauged by how insistently they draw our eyes. When visual weight is equally distributed to either side of a felt or implied center of gravity, we feel that the composition is balanced.
With symmetrical balance, the implied center of gravity is the vertical axis, and imaginary line drawn down the center of the composition. Forms on either side of the axis correspond to each other in size, shape, and placement. Sometimes the symmetry is so perfect that the two sides of a composition are mirror images of one another. More often the correspondence is very close byt not exact--a situation sometimes called relieved symmetry.
An asymmetrical composition has two sides which do not match. If the composition seems to be balanced, that is because the visual weights in the two halves are very similar.

You will be creating two designs in black and white using cut or torn paper. One is to be a symmetrical design and one should be a balanced asymmetrical design.
Materials: bristal board, exacto knife, rubber cement


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