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Two Dimensional Design and Color

Positive/Negative Space
Focal Point
Self-portrait painting
Color Contrasts


Rhythm is a principle we associate with the sense of hearing. Without words, music can intrigue us by its pulsating beat, and poetry ofthen has meter, which is a term for measureable rhythm.
The same quality of rhythm can be applied to the visual arts, where the idea of rhythm is basically related to movement. Here the concept refers to the movement of the viewer's eye, a movement across recurrent motifs providing the repetition inhearent in the idea of rhythm. As a design principle, rhythm is based on repetition. Repetition, as an element of visual unity, is exhibited in some manner by almost every work of art.
We speak of the rhythmic repetition of colors or testures, but most often we think of rhythm in the context of shapes and their arrangement. Just as in music, some visual rhythms can be legato, or connecting and flowing; othrs are staccato, or abrupt and dynamic.

media: graphite

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